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Low-weight hemodialysis patients have the same treatment goals as other HD patients; the removal of excess fluid and the effective and safe clearance of uremic toxins, but their physical dimensions present unique aspects and complications.

  • These patients require delicate care, as extracorporeal circulation blood volumes need to be decreased due to lower body size
  • Patients with low bodyweight cannot tolerate clearance levels that are too high or quick as may lead to adverse consequences
Features and Functions

Help deliver specialized hemodialysis

The AK 98 system has many features and functions that may help enable health care professionals to deliver the specialized care required from low weight patients.

User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Extended blood flow possibilites

Validated UF system

IT Connectivity

An integrated solution

Provide care designed
for tolerance and efficiency

The POLYFLUX 2H & 6H dialyzers provide high flux dialysis treatment to low body weight patients.1-3

The POLYAMIX membrane can deliver effective high flux performance suited to this patient group.3,4 Small blood compartments in the dialyzer are designed to promote simple and easy priming.

  • Blood compartment priming volume of 17 ml and 52 ml, respectively2,3
  • Suitable for low body weight patients2,3
  • Promotes endotoxin retention within the dialyzer membrane2,5,6
  • Membrane structure designed to help reduce the risk of clotting2
  • Steam sterilized, which eliminates exposing patients to potential EtO residuals7
New vascular possibilities

Specialized bloodlines

Our advanced blood transportation systems are designed to meet the delicate requirements of low weight patients by representing the closest possible match to the vascular system of low weight patients.

  • 36 cc to 100 cc may provide a volume range suitable for delicate priming
  • Latex-free to prevent sensitive patients from being exposed to adverse sensitizing reactions
  • Combine flow dynamics, reliability with ergonomic and user-friendly components

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