An approach that benefits patients – and clinics

Every person suffering from kidney disease deserves the right therapy, at the right time, in the right clinical environment. We created the AK 98 system to provide healthcare professionals with an HD solution to help them overcome challenges, potentially improving the quality of life for patients while balancing clinical targets with operational requirements. Combined with our consumables and services, this integrated treatment option enables the right solution for you and your clinic, no matter where you are.

Our patient centric and clinic centric approach to real care

Operational efficiency
and patient care

Optimal Operational efficiency

  • User-friendly training and operation
  • Short time between treatments
  • Smart alarm design
  • Bi-directional connectivity for prescription upload/download

Optimal patient care

  • HDx enabled by THERANOVA, an innovative membrane for effective removal of large middle molecules not effectively removed by high flux HD and HDF.
  • DIASCAN functionality helps you meet your dialysis adequacy targets more frequently with real-time dose monitoring.

Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers for HDF (hemodiafiltration) or HF (hemofiltration) due to higher permeability of larger molecular weight proteins such as albumin.


Ease of use is at your fingertips

The AK 98 system is designed to improve your clinical workflow with increased efficiency that reduces stress on your staff. A number of features help to optimize treatment setup, management, monitoring and disinfection.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Straightforward prescription management
  • Simplified supervision and reporting
  • Easier access to blood and fluid settings
  • Parameters grouped by function
  • Guided decision-making process

External Alarms

  • Light indicators confirm machine readiness
  • Visual alarms indicate treatment progress
  • Easy prioritization of alarms
  • Caregivers immediately know which treatment requires correction

Improved time between treatments

  • 32-minute disinfection
  • Short heating period and liquid citric acid ensure process is never compromised
  • Fewer button pushes make system preparation quicker and more efficient
  • Complements the workflows of even the busiest clinics

Helping you reach your
treatment targets

Delivering hemodialysis therapy is a significant responsibility and it is important to monitor treatments to make sure patients reach their treatment targets – consistently.

The DIASCAN monitoring system supports daily treatment-target monitoring through the collection of immediate information.

  • Real-time measurement of treatment adequacy
  • Easily identify possible deviations with repeat clearance measurement
  • Early alarm if target is unreacheable, allowing for early adjustment of treatment
  • Estimation of end-session value for comparison with prescribed Kt/V

For simplified workflow

Connectivity and digitization are becoming crucial to improve quality control and operational efficiency.

By connecting your IT network, the AK 98 system lets you manage and integrate your clinic and patient information with ease. With direct transfer of treatment data at the end of each session, digital access to treatment history and files eliminates manual document-handling and accompanying errors.

  • Programmable presets; one-way, two-way, or none
  • HL7-based bidirectional communication with data encryption
  • Information is secured and stored in Central Information Systems (CIS)
  • Data cleared after Function check

HDx therapy enabled by
the THERANOVA dialyzer

HDF performance and beyond as simple as HD

The THERANOVA dialyzer, featuring an innovative membrane, effectively targets large middle molecules not efficiently removed by currently available dialysis treatments. It provides expanded hemodialysis therapy, HDx, providing HDF performance and beyond in the removal of middle and large middle molecules, using regular HD infrastructure.

Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers for HDF (hemodiafiltration) or HF (hemofiltration) due to higher permeability of larger molecular weight proteins such as albumin.

    The THERANOVA dialyzer has a significantly higher permeability for large middle molecules than conventional high-flux membranes.1,2
    The THERANOVA dialyzer membrane, combining a unique asymmetric 3-layer structure,3,4 enables a stable separation profile and selectivity throughout the treatment.
    By expanding the range of solutes removed in dialysis the THERANOVA dialyzer is coming a step closer to the natural kidney, while retaining selectivity towards albumin and other essential proteins.1,2

Obtaining pure fluid from tap to needle

Water and fluid purity are essential in order to achieve quality dialysis treatment and improve patient outcome.5-9 To keep HD fluid pure, the entire component chain must be monitored, which we ensure through our Hygienic Chain concept.

The graphic below outlines the process by which we maintain maximum purity of all fluids involved in your HD treatment system, beginning at the source of your water, and ending with the patient.

  • Central Water Plant
  • Distribution Loop
  • PVC Free SoftPac and SoftPac Citrate
  • CleanCart
  • BiCart Cartridge
  • Ultrafilters
  • The AK 98 System
  • Patients


Brochure AK 98
Data sheet AK 98


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